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I cannot remember the day I saw him

I cannot remember the day I touched him

I cannot remember the day I hugged him

I cannot remember the day I kissed himberens1.gif

I cannot remember the day I slapped him

I cannot remember the day I made him laugh

I cannot remember the day I made him cry

 But I can remember the day I understood him      



It was my birthday



BIRTHDAYS are special days that bring a lot of happiness and love39_8_11.gif

BIRTHDAYS are time to dream of all beautiful things that life offers

BIRTHDAYS are thoughtful days from morning till night

BIRTHDAYS are times to look forward to a future that holds happines

BIRTHDAYS are days to look beyond the clouds of doubts & catch the rays of hope

BIRTHDAYS are like echoes in mountains that come back

BIRTHDAYS are occasions to remind oneself of those dears to them

BIRTHDAYS are like flowers that bloom in life’s bouquet

BIRTHDAYS are days to reflect upon your present blessings

BIRTHDAYS are occasions to thank God for all the treasures He has given us

these arent my words. i found this words a few days before my birthday and wish to see in my blog


I am writing lots of poems nowadays, you can understand it from my blog. Even though my poems are not upto the standard I post them in my blog. I was a person who was not at all interested in writing poem or reading it. I started writing poems to fill up my blog. I know that iam not a good poetess. But nowadays I am more interested in writing poems than anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


They are staring at me

As if they are longing for something

But it is not

I am staring at themist1_2751348_pleiades_seven_sisters1.jpg

Even though I know

They just can’t give me anything 

It looks as if they are winking at me

Or may be I am winking

At them in admiration

Because of the dreams and beliefs

They give to everyone 

Not only me

Everyone stares at them

 And share everything

But I just cannot

Because it’s my time to sleep

 I wish to say good bye to them

With a hug

But I just cannot 

Because they stay away from me

 Even though it looks as

If they are standing together

They are staying away

From each other


He comes in my dreams

I know him in my dreams

I feel him in my dreams

I love him in my dreams

I wish him to be in my dreams

And I wish if my lifeIs a dream

With buds to blossom

And leaves to shed


That’s something special for me

Because I got it The day

 I lostSomething

And each day when I get s something

Someone loses it somewhere

 Even when the sun rises somewhere

Sun sets somewhere

 Even when a bud blossoms somewhere

  Someone falls somewhere

Even when I laugh Someone cries

Even when I love someone

Someone hates me

should i shout or whisper

Shouting in the middle of,

The whispering world,

I stand alone,With the ignorance,girlface1.jpg

Of what should be said,

I just cannot,

Whisper it to anyone,

Neither can I shout to everyone

Shouting sets the world on fire

Whisphering make the world sing

And if  I keep everything  inside me

I can see the green world

With flowers smiling at me

With stars winking at me

I can stay

Along with highest minds to think

Along with monekys to chatter

Along with birds  to fly high

Along with flowers to spread the fragrance

 I can stay along alone in the WORLD

Some stupid similarities

While my Maths teacher was teaching about the relationship between co-efficient &zeroes of a polynomial, something stupid came into my mind……..I feels some stupid similarities between my pimples and friends. Nowadays my friends keep on increasing like my pimples. My friend circle increases when I speak a lot & my pimple increases when I eat a lot
Some disappears after giving some pain, leaving some black marks. Anyways I wish to keep in touch with all them even though some of them give me some pain & black marks after sometime
But there is something so special that my pimples never give but my friends do HAPPINESS


Life’s something very special to most. But I always get confused thinking about life. What is this life actually, some believes life’s something to be rocked, while some dedicate their lives for their passions- it may be music, dance etc. or it may be for their family or country or even for the human kind,. While some think life as nothing. Well, what should I say about my life?????????. I have just started my life so; can say only after passage of time.
But most striking words about life are-
We all are life forms & we are even proud to say our name. But just think about a human life. What is it actually?????
Go for the scientific meaning, we all know life forms are made of millions& millions of CELLS
And then who am I? , just a heap of cells and what can I do? How can I be there?
But we are not just a heap of cells. There is something called divinity in each of us
And then I came to the conclusion that life is a POWER

Nowadays I go with this point of view, A life is controlled by a unknown power and whatever is done is made to do even if I do or you do