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Life’s something very special to most. But I always get confused thinking about life. What is this life actually, some believes life’s something to be rocked, while some dedicate their lives for their passions- it may be music, dance etc. or it may be for their family or country or even for the human kind,. While some think life as nothing. Well, what should I say about my life?????????. I have just started my life so; can say only after passage of time.
But most striking words about life are-
We all are life forms & we are even proud to say our name. But just think about a human life. What is it actually?????
Go for the scientific meaning, we all know life forms are made of millions& millions of CELLS
And then who am I? , just a heap of cells and what can I do? How can I be there?
But we are not just a heap of cells. There is something called divinity in each of us
And then I came to the conclusion that life is a POWER

Nowadays I go with this point of view, A life is controlled by a unknown power and whatever is done is made to do even if I do or you do