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Those letters which were

Faintly visible

For the sake not to be read

But for the one

Who should read it

It was faintly visible

And for me

It was visible

But I could not

And those are the mysterious words

To be read

Like the treasure of a life

Like the pleasure of a knife

For a cutFor the nut

It was faintly visible 

Not more than that was visible

Even in the crucible

But it should be read

For the life to be lead

In the dark

They are the spark


The Day

The day I met him

He was a pest

 But for the rest

Of the days

He was a nest


 The day I met him

I was in vain

But now in a rain 

The day I met him

I was in a nest

But now in a quest

 The day turned

 From a scream

 To a dream

 The day the death

Lie beneath  

For Her memory

For the moment

I saw her first,

In memories of her mother

Those never bother

Any other

She sprinkled 

Some droplets Of love

Which she gets

In my memories

She who gave me

The gift

The gift that lifted me

 In The life

She has withdrawn

With her memories




The Happiness at the Bay

There were millions 

On the way

But not even a villain

At the bay 

But I was full of gayist2_2308207_happy_girl_by_the_sea1.jpg

 At the bay

But not on the way 

From there I looked the sky

Where I saw the stars

But when I looked nearby

I saw many bars 

The one on my right

 Made me bright

And the one on my left

 Made me lift 

The wind

When the wind blows ,

It moves away the cloud,

But Unlit the lamp




We can create two linear equations relating life and love. If love is in our life, then it will be very happy. If we write it as an equation, we get                                      LIFE+ LOVE = HAPPINESS 

If we love nobody and there is no one to love us, then our life will be very horibble.If we write it as an equation, we get 

                               LIFE-LOVE= SOROW 

Adding these two equations, we get  

                               LIFE+LOVE+ LIFE-LOVE = HAPPINESS +SORROW 


                                 LIFE= HAPINESS/2 + SORROW/2

Source: students magazine


World is a magic,

Of which life is a magic,

By a magician

That makes the one,

A magic land

And the magic spell is the


Which don’t need any



Dark clouds of tears

 Cover my face

When fears of unknown

Hover over my thoughts

I feel like it will rain

But it won’t

Because I know

It’s not the time to shed

And I hope

 With weeping heart

The rays of light

Which sweeps away the darkness