Taste of life

Tastes vary from sweet to sour. At many instances of life, we tastes bitterness in the sweetest thing, may be when it is offered with dislike and hatred. And sometimes the sourest thing the sweetest, when they are offered with outmost love n dedication. And that may be the reason why many say that dishes made by our mothers are the most delicious. Sometimes I feel my lunch at school to hoooot!!!!!!!!!!!!, may be mother must have made it after a fight with me (hihihih)“The wishes are sweet, when they are from our hearts”And most of us get that wish on our birthday, but I ‘m unlucky in that case. Actually I make everyone wish for my birthday (that’s b’coz im none to most).And they are not the wishes. But the fun part is that I remember each n every friend’s birthday so sharply that I can even say that in the midst of any sleep. And sometimes I even get them into trouble because of that. 

Let us come back to the taste of foodIf our noses are blocked we cannot smell a rose, likewise if we are with a broken heart everything will be taste less. And for me when I have my lunch with my friends, I cant even say what am I eating (when I am happy).And of course for me the taste less food will be the most delicious when I am hungry…….and I hope that similar for u toooooThese are all my words .You are free to say about ur tastes n Im most interested…


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