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MY Best friends

My best friends are those stars that wink at me in nights. They are my best friends may be because they cannot hurt me through words or actions, something that everyone else do!!!!And for the friend ship day even though it was so cloudy but they were twinkling lightly. I cannot send them a card or gift, so we keep staring each other. As we all know eyes speak a lot when we cannot (especially my Maths teacher’s horrifying look-at me….guess when?                                  

  When the lights are on

I get into the dark

And I won

With their spark

And we speak nothing

But something

Even if we meet after ages

Words never come even for wages


The way that has gifted me lot to think,I say bye to my friends at one end and bye to my dears at the other end.I have seen the unreal world only crossing this way. But still the way has gifted me with lots to think and even many post to my blog

Amrita TV

 Amrita TV , one of my favorite channels, As we all know is a   member of amrita family, which includes amrita institutions,hospitals..Etc.that has proved their excellence in their respective fields ( proud to say that I belong to one 🙂) 

Amrita TV was launched in 2005, has won 26 Kerala State Awards for Excellence in Television for 2005 and 2006 Amrita TV has topped the Kerala State TV Awards for excellence– two years in a row ; perhaps the only TV channel in India to sweep the State Awards in its very first two years of inception  

And it has the spiritual touch of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, added to its quality. It works with the mission of delivering vibrant, youthful, value-oriented television for the entire family, which is endearing, enriching and entertaining

What I love  most about the channel may its title music n background music n all which I love a loooooot  😉

And  one of the gems of the crew members of amrita TV may be its director And CEO Sudhakar jayaram Sir, Formerly with Bank of America; Infosys, USA: Quinnox, USA. , whom I think  is doing a great job being the CEO

Even though  all most every channel say that they have programmes for all age groups, they fail to do so, but I think Amrita TV succeeded in it. The most successful one of programmes.maybe the Reality shows like Super star, Super star Junior, Super dancer,Vanitharatnam, and now the the super star Global

I hope they  will continue their good work with more exciting programmes. And also I  would like  to hear about ur opinion tooo  🙂

                                       AUM NAMAH  SIVAYA

13 August 2007

I woke up as a student

Early in the morning

With no mourning

And slept as a baby 

Till nine

Within a mine

I had the break fast

 As a daughter

With a laughter

Then I cried

With pain

In vain

As a lady

I dreamt like a girl

With a birl

And I turned grey

As the prey

At end of the day

Cry of a bird

birds700x275_01_21.jpgOnce I was a bird,

With wings to fly high,

With a sigh.

Once I had a beak ,

To hurt the weak,

And to feed the weed,

 But now A meager piece of flesh dried

To be fried

For the might

Of the knight. 

The One

Just one which is

Enough for the hundred

Just one which can

Spread the fragrance

A hundred miles

Just one which can

Delight a hundred

Just one

For the hundred age

But for the one

 Hundred was not enough

And I didn’t search for hundreds

 When I found the one


ist2_2990457_sunset_and_tree_vector1.jpgThey could hear 

Only the singing of birds on my branches

They never heard the breaking of my branches

 With no fruits, no flowers

My leaves were shed

And soon My branches will fall

And I will disappear from the vision

And another will sprout in my place

 I didn’t bear any flowers

To spread the fragrance

But the thorns

Which spread the pain

 But I will remain in

The heart of the one

Who nurtured me

 With love