MY Best friends

My best friends are those stars that wink at me in nights. They are my best friends may be because they cannot hurt me through words or actions, something that everyone else do!!!!And for the friend ship day even though it was so cloudy but they were twinkling lightly. I cannot send them a card or gift, so we keep staring each other. As we all know eyes speak a lot when we cannot (especially my Maths teacher’s horrifying look-at me….guess when?                                  

  When the lights are on

I get into the dark

And I won

With their spark

And we speak nothing

But something

Even if we meet after ages

Words never come even for wages


2 responses to this post.

  1. nice thought da … 🙂
    and this is why you keep writing poems.. hmm ok got the idea.. let me try it out 😉

    Dont keep gazing like that for long.. they will take u to azhikode 😀


  2. I doubt whether they wil take me to Eriyad 😛


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