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The word in my world

The wind that takes

My word within his worldist2_3709702_wishes1.jpg

When the wind blows

The clouds move away

But unlit the lamp

That lightens my world

And unlit his word

The word

He has kept in my world

The wind opens the window

Through which he peeps

Into my meadow

And feed the sheep deep inside

The wind carries the harshly things

From the marshy beings

That makes me weeping

While he is sleeping 



Aum Namah Sivaya -the most common way of greeting elders followed by Amma’s children. Very few mistake that these wordings are related to the Hinduism & hesitate to do so
Namah Sivaya means
, My respect to Shiva
Shiva means auspiciousness
According to Sanathana dharma each of us is divine
When we greet someone with Namah Sivaya, we are in fact showing respect to the person and the divinity inside him/her
OM NAMAH SIVAYA, simply but greatly means I bow to the god in everyone



sl700115.jpgA snap frm the God ‘s own country.My own swimming pool ;) one make me stare as if it is a beautiful girl


Its My dream to see the Sydney opera 🙂


From the land of Midnight Sun 😀

Dont ever doubt whether I took all these pictures..Coz i did’nt.. 😛 ( shhh a secret! these pics are frm naveen’s collection( stolen!  😉  ).Hope he wont ever click to my blog !!!!


To kill is to thrill myself
With looks as hooks
I kill myself
With diabolic thoughts
With bleeding veins
On feeding pains
I kill myself
On faking the truth
On baking the bones
By waking the boonsI kill myself
On blasting the past
On revolting at last
I kill myself
With the bleeding brain
Filling the drain
For the weed to feed on
I kill myself
But never have I killed anyone
For buying the thrill
But with sobbing
While robbing
With their curses
And of my verses
I kill myself