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Close to my heart

I keep them close to my heart
But make them stay away
From my melancholic chambers
For them to never taste sorrowist2_4167025_rose1.jpg
In the honey of a flower
The flower that has bloomed in the winter
And that will droop down in the spring

And for them to never make me deaf with their barks
And for them to never make me blind with their colour
And for them to never stir my mind with their waging tail
But close to my heart I keep them to suck the nectar


Well…Quite a personal post!!! 

Even if I got a hit from Geethanjali today n a **** from the sir….today is one of the happiest day. 😀

Everything has been solved, back to my normal mood, after learning to stand without a tearAlso I heard the voice of the one whom I worth a looooooooot. Still in the top ten (luck).Sheila teacher was really friendly to me today, for the first time. Everything was somewhat upside down today, could listen only  the Maths class, n even wrote bleaching powder instead of baking powder n lot more foolishness  😉 (hehehe).Everyone liked my new poem (will post it soon).

But still I taste blood in my lips. Hope to see a clear night sky tonight and to do a good chat with my best friends  🙂                 ist2_1126682_daily_diary_and_pen1.jpg


Air filled with fog
Decorate my bog
Colors of my age
Decorate my cage
Walls of blood
Decorate my hood
Stains of life
Decorate my safe
My silence
Decorate the violence
Words of love
Decorate me as a dove
Laughs of fun
Decorate my gun
Heap of clay
Decorate my way
Life beneath
Decorate my death


Someone commented that this poem conveys the other side of a coin, Hmm u better call me a dice, a coin has got only 2 sides    😛                 
For friends, I am indeed different for different friends, but something is there in common …???
 For my teachers’, obedient ,studious , a good girl ( self appreciation) but not punctual 😀               
For my cousins,  silent ,studious ,calm girl  🙂   
For my dear uncles and aunts, fearless, bold, studious but lazy ,disobedient girl
For a stranger, a horrible looking  girl                  
For you ,someone who can read and comment in your blog ist2_3028590_question_concepts1.jpg😉


“The sleeping  mind  can see hours, even days ahead of the waky mind.  In sleep, we  see  the  future  by bringing  out intuition to bear on the present, turning  in visible  signs and influences  into the puzzling  images of  our night lives”

UuhH! I m puzzled! Dreams of the same kind haunted me for the third time!!!!! , last week also. 😦 
Of course HORRIBLE one!!! Hope it will be the last .But comparing to my childhood night mares, these days are better. But still the one who made those nights of mine frightful, BEWARE…will make u pay for all that one day.And the very next day after the dream, I read about Calpurnia’s dream, what else is needed for a girl of my age to be frightened? 😀
So I explained the whole thing to Varun, as he is the only one among my friends with some sense .I hope ,he is not still laughing hearing my stupidities .Even though the dreams have no connection with what  might happen, I do fear them, So something called ‘DICTIONARY OF DREAMS’  shook hands with me ,and according to it ,the dream can be clearly interpreted  as a fore-teller of BAD FORTUNE!!But still if anyone reading this has any knowledge about this stuff, please……… let me know.

 Dreams that haunted me at nights
With knights
Sharpening their swords
Listening to his words
For my soul
Down the stairs in the roomThey groom
And the lamps that hid the darkness
Was unlit by the devil’s breath
But the light inside me,Covered the darkness
That swept the devils away
Brought me back into the unreal world
With its heat