Someone commented that this poem conveys the other side of a coin, Hmm u better call me a dice, a coin has got only 2 sides    😛                 
For friends, I am indeed different for different friends, but something is there in common …???
 For my teachers’, obedient ,studious , a good girl ( self appreciation) but not punctual 😀               
For my cousins,  silent ,studious ,calm girl  🙂   
For my dear uncles and aunts, fearless, bold, studious but lazy ,disobedient girl
For a stranger, a horrible looking  girl                  
For you ,someone who can read and comment in your blog ist2_3028590_question_concepts1.jpg😉


4 responses to this post.

  1. uhmmm yea yea for me the last one for sure lol..


  2. hmm ..nooooo 😛
    the one before the last.. 😛


  3. I knew that a girl is unpredictable y ?? ..well ,u just gave me my answer


  4. Hmm,girls might be rolling infront of u sometimes..showing many faces.. 😉


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