Well…Quite a personal post!!! 

Even if I got a hit from Geethanjali today n a **** from the sir….today is one of the happiest day. 😀

Everything has been solved, back to my normal mood, after learning to stand without a tearAlso I heard the voice of the one whom I worth a looooooooot. Still in the top ten (luck).Sheila teacher was really friendly to me today, for the first time. Everything was somewhat upside down today, could listen only  the Maths class, n even wrote bleaching powder instead of baking powder n lot more foolishness  😉 (hehehe).Everyone liked my new poem (will post it soon).

But still I taste blood in my lips. Hope to see a clear night sky tonight and to do a good chat with my best friends  🙂                 ist2_1126682_daily_diary_and_pen1.jpg


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