Close to my heart

I keep them close to my heart
But make them stay away
From my melancholic chambers
For them to never taste sorrowist2_4167025_rose1.jpg
In the honey of a flower
The flower that has bloomed in the winter
And that will droop down in the spring

And for them to never make me deaf with their barks
And for them to never make me blind with their colour
And for them to never stir my mind with their waging tail
But close to my heart I keep them to suck the nectar


10 responses to this post.

  1. so sweeet !!! 🙂 I loved it…


  2. That may be because ur so sweet…ur also included in ‘them’ 😉


  3. You lack reading my friend. I have been reading your poem quiet few times. Just found this, may be a coincident, you write in same paper, same pen, and same expression… You have the skills, it’s needed to be pruned.


  4. I take ur comment in the positive sense itself..reading is a habit something that everyone leave in this busy still this is the time for people like me to read 🙂
    but still my poems are simple expression of my feelings
    n thanks for dropping ur suggestion 🙂
    ( with all ur support)


  5. i am a bit unfortunate that poems aren’t my cup of tea.
    i dont know what to comment when u post ur beautiful poems.. 😛


  6. i love your poem!

    write more from heart! you have fabulous potential to become better and better. good site and keep up the good work. I will come back to visit often.


  7. you have been tagged


  8. Posted by Seena Augustine on October 31, 2007 at 11:54 am

    I like this poem soo much. It creates some goood feeling in my mind. I feel its touching. Good work.


  9. @ Seena
    thanks a looooooooot and nice to know that it touches ur heart

    @ Suresh
    thanks…its ur comments that give me energy to write more n more

    @ Arvind,
    I didnt expect that arvind
    abt the poem..ur lucky enough that u cant understand it 😛
    it tastes sorrow somewhere..and the poem is a simple expression of my friend ship and a secret ,i wrote half of the poem watching my dog still that helped me express some ideas 🙂


  10. Nice Blog I really love this poem by heart


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