Cry of an Orphan

I am an orphan
who cries for my coffin
Chilled in the spring
And hooked to a ring
I praise upon the dove
To be my clove
For me to climb woven
Steps to heaven
Steps that has been forged
By the curses of the raged
For me to be blessed

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by end2world on November 1, 2007 at 6:35 am



  2. ooh no comments chechi… u have grown old..


  3. BTW, this one is really good 🙂


  4. dont worry im still ur aniyathi in blogging 😛
    n writing 😛


  5. Hmmm…… i could guess something this time by seeing the tag “DEATH” to it…
    But i dont want to talk about it..and neither i would want you to write on it… 😛


  6. dont worry buddy! .. this poem has no relation with my life 😛
    and u will have this reader to read n comment in ur blog 😛


  7. i like this one. but i want your personal interpretation of ‘hooked to a ring’ (or something like that, im not reading it while writing this comment)


  8. ‘hooked to a ring’….it can be interpreted as loss of freedom


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