Words like buds
bloom dreams within me
Words like flowers
hover  fragrance in my world
Words like lords

Own my thoughtsist2_238443_writing_poems_or_signing_contracts.jpg
Word like birds
Fly high

Words like guards

guard my safe
Words like swords
Bleed  my mind


5 responses to this post.

  1. Wow..that was wonderfull 🙂


  2. thanks.. 🙂
    now u can understand the poem 😉
    soon it ll become ur cup of tea


  3. sure sure.. will do !!!!

    My Desert, which will turn green after board exams !!

    What about that title re ?


  4. hmm,think u posted the comment to the wrong post 😛
    greenery is seen always after a shower,so only if there is a shower 😉


  5. sorry 😦


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