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8 Facts about me

I don’t know whether i have grown up to say the facts about me 😉 , but have to do as Dinsan has tagged me

1 I get angry  or cry for small things but rarely for a big thing 😀

2 I smile for no reason ,  even for scoldings or praises ,mostly instead of a hello! or a hi !

3. I am not crazy about anything in this world 😛

4 .I  cannot sleep without hugging my pillow

5 I am addicted to orkut  😦

6. I am afraid of almost all living creatures 😉

7 I don’t know how to  console

8 I am lazy to eat,read,study,bath,work but not to sleep

I wish to tagg arvind


Lonely roads

Loneliest are those roads,
where i make each step of terror
afraid of the horror
I loose my ignorance
Out of the arrogance
of those bitches
who wait nearby the ditches
Where air is a spy of danger in a stranger
that anger even the wild bush
and make me rush
Out of the loneliest roads of the town
That make me a clown
Into the crowded world
Where bursting horns
Hurt me like thorns