8 Facts about me

I don’t know whether i have grown up to say the facts about me 😉 , but have to do as Dinsan has tagged me

1 I get angry  or cry for small things but rarely for a big thing 😀

2 I smile for no reason ,  even for scoldings or praises ,mostly instead of a hello! or a hi !

3. I am not crazy about anything in this world 😛

4 .I  cannot sleep without hugging my pillow

5 I am addicted to orkut  😦

6. I am afraid of almost all living creatures 😉

7 I don’t know how to  console

8 I am lazy to eat,read,study,bath,work but not to sleep

I wish to tagg arvind


9 responses to this post.

  1. oooh lol

    4 is funny.. 5 is sad…….. and 6th………… cant figure out why….. mhmmm


  2. Finally some post which i can understand.. 😛
    addicted to orkut ??? — me too 😛
    i though u were crazy about poems..


  3. @ Dinsan
    Hmm 4 th fact is not to feel lonelines whle i sleep as I started sleeping alone frm a small age of 6 or 7 😦


  4. Posted by Vijai on December 9, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    U’ll always be as old as ur age.. so u never need 2 b grown up to say facts abt urself… As a matter of fact, who else cud, better than u???

    Seems 2 b quite an interesting character.. But d 3rd & 5th facts ambigious…??? U r addicted 2 orkut, but u say u r not crazy abt anything in this world?? Oyyee… orkut is not in this world, kya..???

    Nothing much spl abt 1st & 2nd .. quite a normal fact with most of d “easy-go-lucky” kinda characters…

    3rd fact & that u r not lazy 2 sleep.. quite a common phenomenon….

    As for 6th fact.. working in a mortuary wud b a perfect job 4 u in d future…. worth thinking?????

    7th.. never mind as long as u don’t put anyone in a state 2 b consoled..

    8th.. its ok 2 b lazy abt eating, reading, studying & working… coz its just u who’ll suffer 4 this… but yaar.. lazy abt bathing??? y do u wanna trouble others too… that’s quite insane…

    ‘neway it gud i came 2 know abt this… wud warn me 2 keep my distance from u, if at all we gonna meet… he.he..he..

    hope this response wud satisfy u…
    u r lucky.. coz its d first time that i’ve bothered 2 post my comments on blogs…. so, tk cr.. & wish u a gr8 life ahead… chao…


  5. Posted by ranju on December 10, 2007 at 11:32 am

    heyyy……addicted to orkut????? adi adi [:D]


  6. Posted by Seena Augustine on December 14, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Hey Rekha,

    The 1st one and 4th one even same for me. i get angry for small thing and big thinks and others have to suffer for that :(. before i never used to cry in front of others may be bcoz i didnt fell that nobody can consloe me….. but now even for small things i cry alot..

    i think u have to concentrate on 7 bcoz it makes a great impact in others…… and make others close to u……


  7. Posted by saranblog on December 16, 2007 at 2:10 am

    hii..ur blog is very nice..i have boll rolled u..hope u reciprocate..


  8. Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And I’m sure you’ll do fine. Really. Just fine.


  9. @ ranju…adi venda its all gone

    @seena chechi….4thone same4u…..funny…haha so cry coz someone is there to console 😉

    and thanks @ saran and anna 😉


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