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Why allirekha?
Who is this alli?
These are the questions that many of my friends ask when they hear about my blog or email id.Yesterday one of my friend guessed that alli is my lover 😉 . .what a brain he has, amazing 😛 Actually Alli is my pet name , n many of them modify it n call me .My father began with allirekha a rediff id n soon i started my yahoo id with it ,then maggiclub,penguinclub,gmail ,wordpress, n almost all my account id 😀
Then I thought why dont I make my sign ‘allirekha’ ,Yes i designed one but sadly i couldnt use it for my board exam as principal didnt let any of us to use stylish signatures.But I will continue with my allirekha sign in the future
Now I wish to use this name in the future for something special ..any suggestion??????


Tears for each drop

 This is a very special poem for me..I wrote this one early in the morning at 4 AM!!! ..on the day of my science examination n  one more reason ,I wrote this  being influenced by this incident 

It is raining for the past ten days
Making it worthless than hayrice.jpg
It rains in their hut
Tears for each nut
That they cared not for their might
But to live in this fight
No longer could I love
The rain as a my dove
Each drop turned to be their tear
When failure seems to be so near

I m alive!!!!

I hope my blog will get back to life  from today

 well everything is over!Oh.. yea! my exams..the very HOT CBSE board exams.But everything is not over….THE RESULTS!!!!!!                                                          

         N now its ‘VACATION’

I’m having this long vacation after 2 or 3 years.But still don’t know what to do!!!!!!!

Wish to read some good stuffs..So if u have a blog… please leave it as a comment so  that I ll get some good stuff to read