At last I’ve something to post . thank you Dinsan for tagging me 🙂

Eight things I am passionate about :

1 My blog….i luv my desert

2 Music n music n Music…u know life n music go very related ; through highs and lows .The music of our heartbeat to that of a vocal chord

3 Rain…The gift of nature that can gift u a lot

4 Chocolates n sweets,for the reason I m a pimple star ,But I never care 🙂

5 Bikes….I luv heavy bikes, ….Karizma is my Favouriteeeeeeee

6. My hair…its not soo long or thick but still I luv it..well many of my class girls are fans of my hair.

7 Teamwork or success…………….thats how we pass all the exams

8 My friends……….

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1 Become my father’s perfect daughter

2 Kick the person who has tagged me 😛

3 Ride on a Hot Karizma bike………..(I’m afraid of even getting my bicycle on road)

4 Learn music as much as I can…..I have studied music for almost 1 year when I was 12, wish to continue sometime somewhere

5 Travel throughout the world n in special see Sydney Opera House

6 Look fairer than Naveen (my cousin),he always teases me with that

7 Appear for an exam fully prepared 😀

8 Write a story with perfection

Eight things I say often: (I speak very little actually)

1 Ok

2 n or and

3 pinne ( what else)

4 Poda ( to my brother ..malayalam word)

5 Uhh

6 Om Namah Sivaya

7 Hohooo

8 Yep

Eight books I have read recently:


Eight songs I could listen to over and over

1 thode Badmash ( Sawariya)

2 ‘Alli’ malarkavil pooram kaaanan (Malayalam)

3 Kandu kondein kandu kondein ( tamil)

4 Kuhu Kuhu bole

5 MahaGanapathim manasa smarami

6 you‘re beautiful by James Blunt

I cannot end up with just 8

Now the tag goes to





14 responses to this post.

  1. nice tag 🙂 but a perfect story??


  2. me too love music a lot…
    BTW poda is used in tamil too… not alone malayalam word 😛


  3. LOL Karizma and You on it.. kollam.. good combination 🙂

    hmm I liked the part ” Rain ” thats really sweet one 🙂


  4. @ Vishesh
    I ve tried writing stories…but those lack something..well i donno what it is 😀

    Have you evr heard of anyone saying “I HATE MUSIC” 😛
    i was knowing tht poda is used in tamil..bt missed it.. 😉

    @Dinu or Dinsan
    poda………..karizma n me on it whatz the prob?… :d


  5. Posted by yaake on May 3, 2008 at 4:45 am

    Thanks for the tag! I did it… 😀
    And some of your responses are quite interesting… I like ppl who say Hohoooo a lot!! 😀


  6. thanks for taggin..2 tags due now..will do it soon 😉


  7. @Yaake
    UR welcome 🙂
    Hooohooo ..i wud luv to know which are those responses 😀

    Its ok..I can understand tht ur busy with IPL updates 😉


  8. no no..what i meant was it is never possible to write a perfect story…all stories are perfect in our minds…yet we never if our people left on their own will do what they should…tell you what …try this…create characters and let them write their own story..


  9. @ Vishesh
    thats true.. 🙂
    Atleast we try for perfection to reach somewhere nearby it 😀
    thanks for the idea 🙂


  10. Posted by Priya on May 5, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    “1 Become my father’s perfect daughter”

    I so can relate to this one !

    Also…”Appear for an exam fully prepared”. 😀

    Passionate about Chocolates, Rain, Blog, Music…Sweet ! 🙂 I get along with these too !! Cheers !!


  11. @priya
    Cheers!! 🙂

    Daughter n father bond is something really “__________”..well i donno wt it is 😀


  12. You like Thode badmaash from Sawariya?? Nice choice ….its my favorite too


  13. @FRuitymind
    cheers 🙂


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