Phew! I passed the 10 Th Csbe exams with 88%, the result was announced on 27 Th evening by 4: 55 pm.i got lot more than I expected but still im greedy . I got the least in English, 80; that really made me feel bad, I had put in a lot of effort in that subject, but still im hanging with the same marks I used to get n then for maths 84 , well maths sucks but still I luv that subject .we got 6 mark in moderation for that , else ..Oh lord! 🙂

So howz my exams?

Seriously , I really enjoyed writing the exams , we had to travel almost hour an hour from our school to reach the centre, n journey with friends are the best indeed even it is for writing exams. and the centre no. was my phone number ..hehehe 😀 .And there was a showroom of hot hero Honda bikes very nearby the school. 😀

What next?

Every one who goes around me has the same question..What about future plans?. if future is planned ,will there be any fun..rite?:P

Out of the science / commerce option, I am interested only in science n then one more bio/computer? Taking computer means no interest in going for medicine n that is what I have ended up with. But….. 😕

How can I ignore my brother who always say he wanna a doc,sis n many out here who wish to see me as a doctor.

Well, I just cant even think of taking bio n maths ,my brain is nt that good to take care both along with all other crap n what if they make me do some kind of dissection ?..Hahahaha 😆



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  1. Congrats again!!!! 😀
    Believe me, you have taken the right decision. Biology in 11th and 12th is a big pain in the ass. The syllabus is so much that it would be a miracle if you could finish it all. Computers are the in thing. 😀


  2. Congrats!! and there are too much marks if you ask me 😀
    And I suggest go for comp and become a software engineer, you will get free b/w, lots of time and salary for sitting idle, chatting and blogging. 😀



  3. Posted by Priya on May 31, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Congratulations !! Thats awesome marks ! 🙂

    Well, I’ve taken up Bio and Math and its not all that bad ( like what Amit says ). But yeah, its a LOT of work.

    The first thing is, take the subjects which you are interested in.
    Do what YOU want to do and let not your parents/siblings/friends influence your decision !! 😀


  4. @ amit
    Thank u again 😀
    Well, i know atleast something about bio but nothing about computers 😳

    @ suda r u a software engineer?…getting paid for sitting idle ,blogging n chatting 😀
    N too much marks for someone who chatted the whole time during study leave 😉 I agree,
    bt not too much for brilliant Rekha 😛
    Thank u 🙂


  5. @ priya
    Thank u 🙂
    Well bio n maths is nt that bad :? u need to work ..rite hmmm 😦
    take the subject im intersted in ..well u know nt interested in studies :D..


  6. Congrats!
    A little piece of advice?
    Please for the God above, study XIth seriously.
    It was living hell for me last year.


  7. Firstly, congratulations! You’ve gotten like 6% more than I did in my 10th grade. I had screwed up Maths big time. But it wasn’t like I didn’t know that was gonna happen. I was never good at Maths.

    About the future options, well, there are a lot of things you can do which will involve both Computers and Maths. We used to have a subject called Biotechnology as an optional subject in 11th and 12th. If you’re really in love with Bio, you can take that subject. That way you’ll be close to both computers and bio. Obviously you won’t become a doctor but you can do gene research and stuff if you’re interested in that cause that’s a new and growing field. Then there are loads of diploma’s you can do. So don’t fret, just think what you wanna do and then go for it. And if you’re confused, you could meet a counselors or something like that. We never think too highly of them but they can actually help. And in the end, do what YOU want to do, not what others want you to do. They might get sad, but in the end they’ll realize that that’s the right option because it’s your life in the end.

    And enjoy your 11th and 12th too between the studying, it’s the last 2 years of school after all! 😀


  8. Posted by anujjha on June 1, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    congratulations……u got pretty much in ur examination….well
    I’d prefer u to take computer and PCM as subjects….
    It’s upto u but these subjects will clearly help u up in ur future and career….

    well im a first time reader of urs….bravo!! u write well….Im goin through ur rest of posts….They were quite interesting…..



  9. Hey girl,
    If you are serious about medicine or bio-technology-like careers then you should take up bio(PCMB).Otherwise,chuck the whole idea of learning about trees,birds,human being systems (digestive,respiratory,reproductive etc etc).There is no use at all..take up math if you wanna do anything other than medicine. This suggestion was given to me by a good friend and has helped me a lot.Also,math with computer is easier to manage.
    Follow your mind and choose rightly:)


  10. Forgot to say


  11. @Raghav
    thank u 🙂
    hehehe.. 🙂 well if u think of only studies , it wud be a hell 😉
    & in the beginning of all academic year , i think of studying used to fail each time, this time i swear ,it wont happen again 🙂

    thank u :
    Well,in biotechnology, u get to learn more about genetics , I cudnt even bear tht Darwin’s theory n all last year even 😀 ..btw we dont have any schools nearby with biotechnology as option ..thanks for tht info.
    Its like im almost fixed with taking computer :)…

    Yeah..these 2 years are last 2 years at school ..with no time to enjoy 😦

    Welcome to my blog
    n thanks 🙂
    btw u dint leave the link to ur blog 😦

    @ Bhavana
    Hey, i read the post in ur blog about ‘medicine or engineering’..something related to me too.. 😉
    Well its not about medicine or biotechnology..i decided to go for architecture 😀 for the time being

    n thanks 🙂


  12. I really enjoyed wring the exams
    Spelling mistake 😛

    Congrats !!! and think a lot before u take decision .. and give more importance to what u like.. than what others want you to be…. lesson I learned from my life..


  13. spelling mistake 😀
    no wonder tht i got the least in english 😀
    thank u…well there is no pressure on me ..its all about my interest n tht make me confused ..coz its just me who want to prove that what my decision was correct…And i am aimless,n dats the prob 😛


  14. congrats:


  15. @ Vamsi
    thank u 🙂


  16. @Everyone
    Well everything is solved , im going to take PCM along wid computer, with my heart ……..
    and evryone want me to take whatever that make me happy coz they are sure , i will be gud in whatever i take..

    Promising them i will be
    n thanking u all
    Rekha 🙂


  17. // many out here who wish to see me as a doctor. //

    Dont go with what others what to see you as. Be aligned with how you want to be in the next 6 years.


  18. Yay!PCMC
    All the best..I am sure you will enjoy:)
    For need to do hellova math..Its almost(very little of ot) similar to Civil engg


  19. Gosh! You are so young 🙂 This post reminded me of the time I was passing 10th… 🙂 I was in cbse too 🙂 and 88% is like WOW!!!

    Kudos to you girl 🙂


  20. @Xylene
    Well they have all changed their all they wanna is me to be happy 🙂

    Thank u 🙂 …i luv maths

    @ nova
    Thank u 🙂


  21. PCM and Computers is fine, that’s what I took too. I hope the similarities end there though. 😛


  22. Yeah Dats true indeed 🙂


  23. Congrats. Stay away from IT and Life Sciences. That’s all i have got to say 😉

    Anyway, you are the best judge of your life. All the best.


  24. @ liju philip
    thanks 🙂 …
    yeah those to fields will really get ur head break that the reason 🙂


  25. hey congratz…
    88 is a very good score …:P
    medicine ..hmm…thats cool…u need to work even harder to get into a good medical of luck … 🙂


  26. get into medical college 😕
    😆 ….i have taken computer science .so dont think so they ll gimme the admissions


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