Sixteen locks!!

Yeah , I turned 16 a week before on the very auspicious day 11 June 😉 n looks like sweet sixteen is locked in classes 😦 .In a class where many of my friends are missing n where theres nt even 10 guys 😀

see how I sit in Maths class

N then chemistry

Feel like lost without any aim. .yeah dats my problem ,only if u have a aim u can succeed but I believe” only a child can only grow ” a child has no aim , but still a child grow for no reason or with no force ..hehehe i speak with no sense these days 🙂

Hope u  all must have  heard that the world is going to end by no use of learning all these

I got really inspired to come back to my blog after reading dis post 😉

New Delhi: For those of you who think blogging is just a pass time, here’s a myth breaker: for some, it’s a job that could earn you as much as Rs 1 lakh a month.

Welcome to the world of Amit Agarwal, one of the few professional bloggers in India. Agarwal started blogging two years after quitting his job at a software company. He now earns several lakhs a month. So how he does make his millions?


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  1. Hey! Glad to know you’re back! 😀
    And well, don’t worry, everyone who’s been thro class 11 sat thro math and chem just like you did! 😀
    If there’re no guys there, I told u before na, come to B’lore! hhehe…
    And serioously, that news thing inspired you? Frankly, I was kinda taken aback… Getting paid for blogging… Hmmm.. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but somehow that idea doesn’t sound too appealing to me… 😀


  2. aha so u will comment only when u post something 😛

    thats not 2010 thats 2012 i guess .. 🙂
    i always feel maths to be a lot lot easier than chemistry.,.,
    physics is kinda ok…
    its my point of view average student..
    u are intelligent ..u shouldn’t be saying those 😛


  3. Ha !

    so you want make money by blogging and not interested in going to school !!!!!!!


  4. My expressions used to be pretty much the same..except that I think I used to sleep in the Maths period. The teacher didn’t really bother either.

    Good thing Mr. Amit Agarwal brought you back to blogging. And yea, a lot of people do earn from it. This guy earns from the advertisements he puts up. I know some people who are asked to include a particular product in their posts and are paid for that. Once Fastrack had offered be a free watch for evaluation and then to write a review of it on my blog. I was so stupid that I didn’t take it seriously. Otherwise I would have been having a cool fast track watch now. 😦


  5. @Nikhil
    YEah i thought of Bangalore bt the moment i thought of u , i was taken back 😛
    n the reason i was inspired coz i m nt paid for anything i do 😀


  6. @Arvind

    maths is really a good subject n its far more easier than chemistry i agree.. 🙂
    yeah true , its by 2012 only u see i ll have a big exam in 2010 😛

    “aha so u will comment only when u post something ” ..hmmm

    did i mention that 😕


  7. @Ish
    what will i call u ?…. 🙂

    I really luv the subject maths , well im only confused wid whats gng on in the class 🙂


  8. lol,so something atleast got u back na 😀


  9. You’ve been tagged! 😀


  10. @Vishesh

    will do the tagg wen something get into the spam queue next time…now 0 spams


  11. Well, thanks for the link in the post. Learnt something new.. 🙂


  12. @joel
    its my pleasure 🙂


  13. u r atleast sitting…. but me sleep in maths class…
    btw as arvind tols itz 2012… and that earning stuff u can’t do i wordpress… may be if u have ur own domain… as him u can do that in blogger…

    may be ur poems will get u money 😛


  14. […] in one of her blog post. Landed up on your blog from nowhere (forgot from where I came) and read this post and found a link to another useful post. Thanks for that. Well have a peep into this post which […]


  15. 1 Lakh?? Rilly! wow.. I haven’t made single paisa yet.. haven’t tried either!! 😛


  16. @teky
    haha..poems,will make u get the first copy 😛

    Well the things nt easy as u think…somebody should click on tht adds 😉 ..n yeah u need a blog of ur domain 😦


  17. Math was ok, but I had a worse expression than that one in Chemistry class. 🙂
    And one lakh……oooooo….So what are you planning to do? Quit 12th? :mrgreen:


  18. 2010? wow. we are almost there/
    I got to post all the drafts I have in my folder……….. 😀


  19. @Amit
    Yeah…chemistry sucks…think if dalton or lavoiser or avagrado or any of the species get into a students hand ?? :mrgreen:

    Quit 12 th? no..i dont trust u guys tht much 😛

    not it is 2012 for u 🙂
    yeah its time to get everything out of the drafts folder 😉


  20. happy birthday


  21. @ankur
    Thanku 🙂

    atleast one d soul have a heart 😀
    btw u read only the first line 😀


  22. che che blog domain and all (in typical mallu accent) are small issues…
    the bigger issue like u said is with people… they should click! 😛


  23. @ Rekha

    well, there is no use even if you mention 😛 you can’t do that on WordPress, afaik


  24. @Balu
    True..dats really true..we will have to go behind our frns asking for clicks 😉

    @ Dinsan
    well, my main aim was to share to this piece of message to all 🙂
    getting 1 lakh through ads is a big thing.. u know tht :mrgreen:


  25. @Rekha – Finally I am here! Glad you are not leaving! So whats your plan? Quit college? 🙂

    I blog coz’ I like – I dont have any professional interest or money making interest through this! Prolly, I am from old school 🙂


  26. @Rj
    Glad u r here !
    neither do i have any money making interest through my blog :mrgreen:


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