Hey !Itz 08-08-08 !! so i should post something today atleast right? .Well this day is considered as a bad day according to Hindu mythology or for someone n for some people , this is an auspicious day to tie their knots. 😛

And on 08-08-08 at 8 , I took a bath n except for that ,nothing great happened to me 😀

So let me try my luck with this post 😀

His Shadow !

I Turned back
looked behind
felt there is someone to hack
my mind
eyes rolled on
but he was gone
but not so far
I hear him
Is there a bar
to hide him ?

P.S :- How do my theme look now ? Is my blog looking like a (green) desert with oil deposit or something ? :mrgreen:


30 responses to this post.

  1. lol 😉 888…i don’t like 8 donno why…i like 7 and 9 better 🙂


  2. 🙂

    bad day ?

    more than 10k people are getting married today in China 🙂


  3. so u dont take bath normally 😛
    the theme and ur blog title does not match ,,


  4. Umm i like the theme. Its ok till the text back ground isnt black.


  5. its just another date… but perceptions vary. so, i’ll stop abt it now.

    ur title and the header do not match. 😦


  6. The great day as my corporate life began… 😉


  7. @Vishesh
    U dont like 8 , may be coz 8 has 2 zeros ! btw 7 is a gud no. i like it!

    yeah according to Hindu mythology itz a bad actually! 🙂

    i changed it again 🙂

    yeah this title had become a head ache for me now 😦

    yeah it just another date..bt still itz really funny to write n see the same letters as date 😛

    dats really cool! all the best ! hope to c u at top on 09-09-09 🙂


  8. The header is nice but the background gray is a little (quite) distracting.
    and 080808 is bad? I t looks cool to me! =D
    It was good for me I made a blog post on that day 😉


  9. 080808 is sure lucky for your family. You took bath. 😀
    lol lol lol lol .Hope Dinu is listening to pull your leg further….


  10. When I visited this post, I saw something cool. See this image 🙂

    And I didn’t notice its 080808 until Olympics ceremony started 😀


  11. sorry see this link instead http://i34.tinypic.com/b7ifye.png


  12. Ah, to celebrate 08/08/08, you took a bath? You don’t take a bath usually? Damn man, you need to meet my parents. I’m not the only one who doesn’t fancy bathing. 😛


  13. @Balu
    well it was nt good for me ! it got my ,maths test result .failed 9 /25 :mrgreen:

    Dinu is nt listening, he is out for weekend to a pranthaashupathri for his weekly treatments ,may be at kakanad or else aazhikode ,he works at kakanad n his home is at azhikode 😀 😆

    dats was really coooooooooooool man!!!!
    how did u get dat actually! thanks a loooooooooooooot !! 🙂

    Ha! I celebrated 080808 taking a bath at 8!
    🙂 even though i am lazy to take a bath , i do it every single day for the sake of my family n frns!!!!!!


  14. Blog’s looking good 🙂
    Like this theme!


  15. Posted by Priya on August 10, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    8-8-08 is a good day !!

    Olympics took off at 8 pm on 8-8-08 !! Did you watch the opening ceremony ? It was beautiful!!

    I liked your old theme !


  16. Thank you 🙂


  17. I didn’t bathe on 8-8-8…!! yay! 😀


  18. Nice header 🙂


  19. And add to it the time 08:08:08..wow na??
    Next is gonna be january 10 october 2010!!! 10:10:10
    I love all this mathematcial thingies….in life…….Nothig special happned to me also..all dull


  20. er…i have no idea how ur old theme looked like…so, this is fine, but desert and water splashes in your header…hmm…and the font color on your sidebar is not that visible (light blue on white background)…try giving it a darker color….otherwise, I feel its fine..

    @ Mahak : We have 09-09-09 next year !!!! and what is january 10 october ???


  21. Posted by Niyaz on August 13, 2008 at 11:01 am

    yeah looks gud rey!! 🙂

    sure its greeeeeeeeennn now


  22. Hey! are u keeping yourself busy in real life huh? no new posts at all! 😦


  23. @Rahul : thanku 🙂

    @Priya : yeah i opening ceremony was really a visual treat ! 🙂

    @Teky :ur always welcome ! 🙂

    @Nikhil : hmm is there any unusualness in datl ? :p

    @dinu : hmm! 😀


  24. @ Mahak : yeah 10 10 10 will be special i think so 🙂

    @ Vimal : hey welcome to my desert 🙂 n yeah the blue becomes dark green when u move the arrow through it 😉 ..hope that will make it visible to ur eyes 🙂

    @Niyaz : Thanks ..hehehe 🙂

    @Su : ha ! u asked me the question on the right day! actually i started wring a post yesterday n in between my friend stated buzzing n i closed the whole thing accidentally n lost everything! .. : mrgreen:
    btw is that ur pic in new avatar 😛


  25. Posted by smallstar on August 14, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Eheh I like the number 8… But I prefer the number 7. It is MY FAVOURITE NUMBER! 😆


  26. Thats a nice gesture…each time i comment, u welcome me 😀


  27. Happy Independence Day


  28. Whats the story behind 08-08-08???


  29. Referring to you poem, why do you want to hide him in a bar? He’ll get drunk! 😀


  30. nice one thanks a lottttt………


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