One thing that u would love to do when u don’t have any thing to write about in ur blog are taggs n yeah I have been tagged by Vishesh

The rules

“” Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set. “

So the first one:-


  • My oldest memory:- hmmm……that was a time when my home used to be a battle ground , to feed me something …my parents have struggled a lot to feed me with something n losing their patience they have beaten me so hard several times , my ma had the toughest of all jobs ,telling me stories n showing around all the houses n making crazy noises 😛

  • What were you doing 10 years ago?

Studying in class 1… sitting quite ,alone n silent 😀


  • Your first thought today morning:

Taking a bath as soon as I get up from this bed , revise the whole chapter Trigonometric functions n then study carbon compounds ,

Waste not a even a single second! Study hard for the exams 😆

  • If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

All that would take me into my childhood days. to the age of 3 ,to the day I visited Taj Mahal … hmm I don’t remember even a single sight I saw there 😦


  • This year:-

Hmm, im gonna rock this year ! n teachers even ask us to just enjoy to the fullest this year coz next year we will be under pressure 😉

  • What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

14 years!! Celebrating my 30 th birthday !   8)


33 responses to this post.

  1. Thats a pretty neat tag! 😀


  2. Hmmm.. Very nice post! Interesting to see what others have written about this.. Oh, wait! You haven’t tagged anyone!! 😀


  3. nice tag…but like nikhil claimed, where are the tagged victims 😀

    and r u really going to ‘celebrate’ your birthday when ur 30 ???


  4. I too have been tagged to do this. U have done it pretty well!!


  5. nice 🙂


  6. @Prarthana
    thanks!! n nice to cu in here …welcome to my desert! 🙂

    yeah! i havent !! 😛
    I Love breaking the rules 😀

    @ Vimal
    Tagged victims 🙄

    yeah will celebrate else will have to celebrate 31 st bday after 15 years 😦

    do it fast!!! love to hear all these from you too 😉
    n thanks!

    Heheh.. thanks! 🙂


  7. Pretty neat tag!!! Happy birthday. 🙂


  8. Hmmmm…. This song, then, is for you:

    Cheers! 😀


  9. @ Amit
    thanks! i am also wondering did it come out this pretty neat 😉

    n happy birthday! 😐 who in the hell is celebrating bday today!!!!!!

    Hahahaha..ROFL !! that was a good one!!


  10. Again Trigonometry! & Carbon compounds also! 2 of my least fav subjects 😦

    Nice post 🙂


  11. nicely done… and congrats on breaking the rules… 😀


  12. I am wishing you for your 30th birthday in advance. 😐


  13. u remember those things when ur mom used to all the stiuff just make it eat ???
    well ,my mom used to me too that she used to walk for around 1 km carrying me with her just to eat …and yeah she used to carry food too ..:P i dont remeber it though .. 😛
    and i think u have got confused bwteen a time capsule and time machine…there’s a little difference..

    not a single post without mentioning ur studies..
    studious girl 😛 !!!


  14. enthina chumma taj mahal nashippikkunne .. dont go there !!


  15. Don’t mind, but I am really bored of tags even they are good and creative and all. May be I am just lazy 😀

    You are really a child Rekha :P, see your own thoughts. They are really honest 🙂


  16. Rekha,
    You never used to eat anything? 😀
    Taj mahal is a lovel sight, why do you want to go back in time, you could go there again at this age and keep memories as well.


  17. *lovely sight


  18. @ Rahul
    Carbon compounds are really interesting for me ! 😀

    thank u thank u ..hope nobody comes n locks me in for breaking the law! 😛

    hehehe…thanks ! (in advance) 😛

    How can i forget all those stuffs…my parents reminds me of these when they see me emptying all the plates 😛
    u r mom used to walk 1 km !! 😐 … i was far more better than you 😛
    n yeah time capsule shud be dfrnt from machine..i know dat! n abt the pic 🙄
    Studious 😕 ..i shud show this tom y parents!! 😆


  19. @Dinu
    chumma poyi nokkane ! 😉

    yeah the only thing is that ur Lazy 😀
    Being honest doesnt mean ur a child!! ..hmm ! 😛 😛

    Yeah , I used to hide somewhere while bfast, lunch time n all 😉
    n yeah dats a gud idea ! i never thought of gng there again ! 🙂


  20. >>14 years!! Celebrating my 30 th birthday !

    Is this called innovation??? 🙄


  21. @Suda Exactly how many tags do u have pending lazy boy????


  22. […] The vicious circle of life August 25, 2008 Posted by | Balu | in Tag, chupchap. trackback Post inspired by this tag done by Rekha […]


  23. Hahahhaah good ones 🙂


  24. @ Teky
    hehehe ..
    is that really 🙄

    yeah ! lazy lazy lazy Suda! 😀

    hmmm ..thanks ..
    nice to know u got inspired from my post 😉

    @ Nova
    thanks! 🙂


  25. *raising hand in ack (what a big word to write) and goes back to sleep*


  26. @ suda
    hey dude ! get up ! this is my blog … ur nt supposed to sleep in here !! 😛


  27. Posted by Dushyant on September 1, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    Hey rekha.. have been goin thru ur blog since a couple of weeks now. Pretty interestin stuffin there. Gud work.. BTW I think u shd book a button on iunder the “Lifes like that” segment. Ur blog seems to be perfect for that segment 😉
    Cheerz and keep up the gud work


  28. Pretty neat one there…would love to do it…but would be a real challenge tu bring out a good one (esp aftr having read yurs, Reema’s and Balu’s!)


  29. Well I wouldn’t say take a trip to Taj Mahal yet again because I personally feel it has lost its looks pale!!
    But yes I am proud of the structure…
    Wow-you have to study a lot..Me too..after coming from job,
    its freakin’ frustrating


  30. like this theme — esp of the comments section!


  31. @ Dushyant
    thanks!! 🙂

    @ Mahak
    yeah …!!! but old pics make me feel like visiting the place again!! 😀

    Hey thanks!! this is the latest one of wordpress themes ! 🙂
    u can check this one wid ur blog also 😉


  32. nice post ….thanks a lot..


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