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Lost are those days,

when each dawn had a new friend  for me

Chirrupings of those birds delighted me

Winking of flowers made me laugh

Hands were only for hugs

Lips chanted only ‘mother’

Loneliness made me play

Bees recited poems

longings made me walk


but not forever

Days live, Friends live,birds live….

so do the child in me 😛


Happy Onam!!


The books are all closed

Up in the shelves

Pens have dozed

All by themselves

But my eyes are wide open

Gazing the colors


Till the schools reopen!!!


Guess what?Yuppie ! Holidayzzzzz ! Onam Hoildayzz!!! Smile


The Mallus all over the World are celebrating Onam this week.Onam for me is the most colorful celebration indeed…an ecofriendly celebration 🙂 Read more about it here … the best part of this onam is the pookalam (floral carpet) … pookalam competition is going on around the state ! with flowers flowing from the neighboring states . Onakodi ( the new dress that u get as a part of Onam) is another specialty of Onam. And for Malayalees there is no celebration without a sadhya

..I wish if  each n ever  single soul get a delightful meal for this Onam atleast


And another great part of the onam… is that u get to see a lot of movies in ur small screen ( well I depend on it 😀  )


Here are the ones that u get on ur small screen for this onam


and for all Malayalees in blog o sphere –


For Dinu… Wish u a very happy onam similar to last year’s 😛  ..( he had to carry his bike for almost – km last year on the very day of onam)


For Xylene …He will be missing it ..but still wish u very very Happy onam  🙂


For Vimal …wish u a musical Onam 😛


For Scorpia… Ha! I know u will rock this Onam again!


For Balu … Get out of Hibernation ! n have a wonderful onam!


Ok Ok dats enough ..dont want to kill u anymore 😀


And once again  HAPPY ONAM 🙂




Child Marriage!!

Oh no! nt my marriage! 😀 ,wedding of this 7 & 6 year old monkeys.I saw this in newspaper yesterday at 10 P.M…quite fuuny! but the chains round their neck made me feel bad

What Happened Yesterday ?

njan chodikukayannu innale enthu sambhavichu????? ( the same title in malayalam) 

OK! let me start with 12 at midnight .

It was raining so hard yesterday night n there was thunder ;lightning .The moment my mother saw a glimpse of lightning somewhere , she rushed to my room as I m the only one who sleeps alone with windows and door wide open(sshhh) in a room that is nearby the house that was robbed thrice :mr green: 

Mother : Cant u see its lightning ..come n sleep with me or with grandma .

Me: who do you think is afraid of lightning is that me or you ?

Mother : Ok! Atleast let me keep a coil in here(its usual that current cuts off the moment it starts lightning, n then itz mosquitoes time to party 😀 )

Me: Pls dont!! I hate the smell

She left then,

I hid myself from in my blanket with pillows over my head . For a moment i thought, just one strike of that lightning ! No physics exam tomorrow 😀 ! Bless me O lord! ……..

At 4 : 45 in the morning ,the cell phone started singing the dirtiest song, the alarm song !! 😛 ( well my telephone rang  while typing these 😆 ) …  Hmm…stopped the song n slept with the phone again

Its just 4:45 ….hmm..will get up at 5 ..ok then i opened my eyes at 5 :15…thought for a moment , i have to complete 2 more chapters in 4 hours!Hurry Up

Ok..will wake up then. I stretched my hands n then legs ..n then I heard the voice of something crashing on to the floor! Remember ! my phone was on my bed!  :mrgreen:

Then at 9:30 ( Exam Hall) 😛

Teacher handed over the paper .Pretty good one better than we had thought ( hmm my friend asked me hwz my physics exam while typing these 😀 )


Manikandan Nandan: haiiiiiiiiiiiii

Manikandan Nandan: physics engane undayerunnu?

Ms REKHA ROY: nanayirunnu bt will lose 10 marks 

Manikandan Nandan: onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????

Manikandan Nandan: sathanameeeeeeeeeeee

Manikandan Nandan: neenanavillaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ok then comes the story! Since morning my mind had been whispering something to me…here it is..

Mind :U will see ur friend today also… you will see him, girl ..

Me: No , i wont! The other two days ,u said the same .. I agree. n its true 

Me :I saw  him at somepoint of time , in those days. ..n that was mere coincidence.It wont happen again. I bet I wont see him today !

Mind : U will..U will

Me: ok Lets see! who wins ..hmm


I know the guy returns( the friend about whom my mind was speaking ) back home at 4: 30 , may be this way or the other way.Waited to see him, till 5 ,  I didnt see him ! yeah ! I won! Wakka Wakka

I opened my books then at 5 :15…. 🙂

then came out of the house at 6 pm for a walk through the way infront of my house

and there goes the guy with his widest smile !!  ShockedScared 1

Shit ! shit! the bloody****

why lord ! why this to me! why do u say all these to me, why in the hell did that happen again!



Hey Wake up!!!!!! to all those who reached till here!! 🙂 🙂