What Happened Yesterday ?

njan chodikukayannu innale enthu sambhavichu????? ( the same title in malayalam) 

OK! let me start with 12 at midnight .

It was raining so hard yesterday night n there was thunder ;lightning .The moment my mother saw a glimpse of lightning somewhere , she rushed to my room as I m the only one who sleeps alone with windows and door wide open(sshhh) in a room that is nearby the house that was robbed thrice :mr green: 

Mother : Cant u see its lightning ..come n sleep with me or with grandma .

Me: who do you think is afraid of lightning is that me or you ?

Mother : Ok! Atleast let me keep a coil in here(its usual that current cuts off the moment it starts lightning, n then itz mosquitoes time to party 😀 )

Me: Pls dont!! I hate the smell

She left then,

I hid myself from in my blanket with pillows over my head . For a moment i thought, just one strike of that lightning ! No physics exam tomorrow 😀 ! Bless me O lord! ……..

At 4 : 45 in the morning ,the cell phone started singing the dirtiest song, the alarm song !! 😛 ( well my telephone rang  while typing these 😆 ) …  Hmm…stopped the song n slept with the phone again

Its just 4:45 ….hmm..will get up at 5 ..ok then i opened my eyes at 5 :15…thought for a moment , i have to complete 2 more chapters in 4 hours!Hurry Up

Ok..will wake up then. I stretched my hands n then legs ..n then I heard the voice of something crashing on to the floor! Remember ! my phone was on my bed!  :mrgreen:

Then at 9:30 ( Exam Hall) 😛

Teacher handed over the paper .Pretty good one better than we had thought ( hmm my friend asked me hwz my physics exam while typing these 😀 )


Manikandan Nandan: haiiiiiiiiiiiii

Manikandan Nandan: physics engane undayerunnu?

Ms REKHA ROY: nanayirunnu bt will lose 10 marks 

Manikandan Nandan: onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????

Manikandan Nandan: sathanameeeeeeeeeeee

Manikandan Nandan: neenanavillaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ok then comes the story! Since morning my mind had been whispering something to me…here it is..

Mind :U will see ur friend today also… you will see him, girl ..

Me: No , i wont! The other two days ,u said the same .. I agree. n its true 

Me :I saw  him at somepoint of time , in those days. ..n that was mere coincidence.It wont happen again. I bet I wont see him today !

Mind : U will..U will

Me: ok Lets see! who wins ..hmm


I know the guy returns( the friend about whom my mind was speaking ) back home at 4: 30 , may be this way or the other way.Waited to see him, till 5 ,  I didnt see him ! yeah ! I won! Wakka Wakka

I opened my books then at 5 :15…. 🙂

then came out of the house at 6 pm for a walk through the way infront of my house

and there goes the guy with his widest smile !!  ShockedScared 1

Shit ! shit! the bloody****

why lord ! why this to me! why do u say all these to me, why in the hell did that happen again!



Hey Wake up!!!!!! to all those who reached till here!! 🙂 🙂 




16 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, good that you wrote wake up in the end 😛 I was sleeping ..

    gmm good theme re. good job good job

    and the post was really funny even though I couldnt understand the last thing ….

    and yea, thanks for the info… sleeping alone with windows wide open .. you its just 7 minutes drive for me from my home … so watch out !!!!


  2. @ Dinu
    Atlast.. someone
    dont like
    black backgrounds
    said this theme
    looks good!!!

    thanks!! 🙂

    n ur 7 min drive…hmm u know who will run away! or scream 😛
    dint i tell u abt a thief who broke into my house, who went without stealing anything..???



  3. When will my mind tell something similar to that???when???when???? 😦


  4. @Vimal

    Well that is a special power actually ..n u get it while dreaming with ur physics book wide open in ur hands! 😛


  5. Posted by Niyaz on September 5, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    hey gal changed again the theme huh!! anywyz its nice..


  6. hey i had to read it 2 times to understand it completely .. 🙂 i dint sleep

    theme looks awesome ..
    change the title of ur blog.. its no longer green 😀


  7. I didnt get it? is this all a dream or did it happen really? 😦
    But anyway 4.45 am!!!!!! I could get up at such time on the exam eve. Else I can stay awake till 4 or so but cant wake up at same time.
    “I know the guy returns”
    Which guy? Some next door neighbor + crush type guy?

    I’m very much scared of lightning but too lazy to get up and do something about it. I just grab my blanket tightly and go to sleep more soundly. 🙂


  8. Was it intentional? Or am i just too dumb? I didn’t understand a single thing 😀 😀

    Well, thank god ppl had commented before i did…i kno i’m not th only one who’s confused!!

    4.45 a.m.?? Seriously?? OMG! The only time i’ve seen that time in my life was when I….i….well, i havent seen that time at all 😀

    and which guy? why a guy in the midst of this confusion? 😛

    lightning is scary…but i do love it from the safety of my blanket 😉


  9. @ Niyaz : – thanks!! 🙂

    @Arvind :- Wah! congrats ! u dint sleep! ….n is that true u understood it completely !! 😀

    @Reema :- That was nt a dream! It happend really! 😦
    n yeah it was exam eve..else do u think im crazy to get up tht early 😛
    n the guy doesnt stay anywhere nearby…dono why in the hell did he walk all the way to his house ( must be almost 2 km)

    @Scorpia :- that was a strange feeling so it is strange to explain n to understand :mrgreen:


  10. the theme is good. 🙂
    And Iam confused 🙂

    May be you should forget about exams and blog more ! 😀


  11. @ Xylene

    thanks! 🙂

    n ur confused like everybody else ..dont worry! :p


  12. I have no idea what I just read… 😦


  13. 4.45 am???? well I don’t deny being awake at 4 am some time back, but for us IT WAS TIME TO GO TO BED, not to wake up 😛

    anything else you wrote, well I fell asleep mid-way 😀
    Thanks for waking up in end 😛



  14. @nikhil

    hmmm…good good!

    hmmm… 😛
    cheers 😀


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