Happy Onam!!


The books are all closed

Up in the shelves

Pens have dozed

All by themselves

But my eyes are wide open

Gazing the colors


Till the schools reopen!!!


Guess what?Yuppie ! Holidayzzzzz ! Onam Hoildayzz!!! Smile


The Mallus all over the World are celebrating Onam this week.Onam for me is the most colorful celebration indeed…an ecofriendly celebration 🙂 Read more about it here … the best part of this onam is the pookalam (floral carpet) … pookalam competition is going on around the state ! with flowers flowing from the neighboring states . Onakodi ( the new dress that u get as a part of Onam) is another specialty of Onam. And for Malayalees there is no celebration without a sadhya

..I wish if  each n ever  single soul get a delightful meal for this Onam atleast


And another great part of the onam… is that u get to see a lot of movies in ur small screen ( well I depend on it 😀  )


Here are the ones that u get on ur small screen for this onam


and for all Malayalees in blog o sphere –


For Dinu… Wish u a very happy onam similar to last year’s 😛  ..( he had to carry his bike for almost – km last year on the very day of onam)


For Xylene …He will be missing it ..but still wish u very very Happy onam  🙂


For Vimal …wish u a musical Onam 😛


For Scorpia… Ha! I know u will rock this Onam again!


For Balu … Get out of Hibernation ! n have a wonderful onam!


Ok Ok dats enough ..dont want to kill u anymore 😀


And once again  HAPPY ONAM 🙂





28 responses to this post.

  1. thank u thank u

    and I will have shift this friday .. onam day and most probably end up having fried rice ..


  2. Posted by Niyaz on September 9, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    happy onam rekha 🙂

    njoy the holidays ma frnd !!


  3. Thank you. Happy Onam to you too.
    Nah, I wouldnt be missing it. I have my inlaws coming over. So my Mom in law will be cooking good dishes for us for onam. 🙂
    The banana leaf cost Rs 10 here 😦


  4. Awwwww…thanks a lot!

    Wish ya a verrrrry happy onam too…i’m all set for thiruvonam…the day the “pookkalam elakkal” happens…yu do tht? we hide ‘elayappams’ at randiom beneath the flowers and make our own “ambum villum” and have to get at the hidden appams 😀 its damn thrilling 😀

    btw, its Scorpria 😀

    *The banana leaf cost Rs 10 here* ROFL….miser! “kaanam vittum onam unnanam” enna chollu…heheheeh…enjoy your Onam.

    All other mallu bloggers…HAPPY ONAM !

    and all other bloggers… HAPPY ONAM! 😀 You can start celebrating your first Onam by giving us mallu bloggers our “Onakkodi” 😉 What say, Rekha? 😉


  5. i love yur theme…it’s very cute 🙂


  6. @Dinu

    Ur welcome !
    Onam is nt all about eating like other days …athu manasilakanam! 😀


    thank u ! 🙂


    10 Rs….ROFL …!!!!
    ask ur in laws to get the leaf wid them.. 😆

    pookalam ellakal..wah! na..we dont have such practise.. .btw for me onam is wen everyone get together ..n for that i will have to a lil more 😉

    yeah dats a good way for all bloggers to celebrate …btw pria will collect the onakodi from around the country n will pass it to all of us :d ..howz tht 😀

    thank u ! 🙂


  7. Happy Onam to you!!! Do u wear that sari shown in pic?


  8. HAppy onam 🙂


    PS: I want idiyappam! Heard a lot about it and never had the privilege to eat it… 😀
    Anyone wanna invite me over for a nice onam dinner? Please? 😀


  10. Onam aashamsagal to u too !!! Thanks a lot moloo !


  11. hey happy onam buddy!
    Enjoy the holidays well 😉
    and send me some sweets too 😛


  12. @Reema : I need to grow a little more to wear saree…girls like pria will be wearing it 😉

    Thank u 😀

    @ Nikhil
    Idiyappam…u mean Noolappam 😀 … well i havent even tasted it for months now 😦
    n calling for dinner 🙄

    thanks chetta 🙂
    n ur welcome

    hehehe…thanks !!!! 🙂
    n sweets…hmm.. 🙄 😛


  13. lol for me,onam means i get a day off from skl 😛 happy onam 😛


  14. Happy Onam to you too dear 🙂


  15. @Vishesh

    We get 7 days off 😛
    thanks 🙂

    thank u dear!!! )


  16. Wow, back to pink again!!! Cool. I like this modification of theme. But then your blog name disappears!!!

    Is it a problem? if yes, them mail me the custom CSS and I will try playing around it.


  17. @suda
    hmm.now the title is ready! 😛


  18. why don’t you try some different colors for title? for CSS colors, see this link http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_colornames.asp


  19. @suda
    thanks for the link! 🙂

    what i lack right now is the time ..to check the colors!! :mrgreen:


  20. Posted by Priya on September 20, 2008 at 10:57 am

    You guys get hols for ONAM !! I want holidays too !! Not fair !! They should declare hols throughout India !! We need to embrace all cultures right ? 😀


  21. bloghopping resulted my presence over here..

    u had penned those words neatly..

    belated happy onam..


  22. i love the way represent you theme.
    it is very cute.


  23. A nice little poem for onam and leave. Liked it 🙂


  24. happy onam 2009



  25. Hey guyz do u know how to prepare Onasadya and how to serve it?…. Just see our post here



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