The Kissing Disease & Me

I have been suffering from the kissing diseaseBlowing Kisses(Infectious mononucleosis) for the past 2 weeks.Oh no! dont look at me like that I havent even given my first kiss away yet 😀  .The  disease made me live under my blanket for 2 daysSickly and other than that it rescued me from my chemsitry exam  🙂

This infection has an incubation period of 8 weeks , nearly 2 months.So the virus must have got inside me during days of youth festival which was 2 months back . Btw  The youth fest was great fun! I enjoyed both on stage n off stage; stage decoration,@announcement desk ,in the midst of offstage perfomances n even at green room 😀 . No matter what deadly virus have got inside me during those days ! 😛  …

Now  Im under rest   and one big problem  is that i cant concentrate on a single thing! ! !,cant read or write properly  Teary.. now that is a good excuse during school days to bunk the class but if it happens during vacation and when ur back to blogging,  it pains  😦


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  1. Posted by Nirmal on December 26, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    hahaaaaaaaa kollam
    hum kissum cheitu nadanno


  2. uhmm good timing 😛 bunk school 😛


  3. Get well soon!!


  4. Ayyo, get well soon maaley. pilleroke praayam aayi kazhinjaal adangi odungi irikkanam.LOL 😉


  5. @ Nirmal

    @ Dinu
    nalla upadesham thanks! 😛

    @ Reema
    🙂 thanks

    @ vimal

    hehehe :mrgreen:
    athu makaley alle? njan malaa onnum allatoo 😉


  6. o-oh! try kissing the virus back and see if it gets infected 😆 :mrgreen:


  7. Just say, “Get Well soon”…. because I am waiting for you guys and ur experiences….


  8. Posted by Niyaz on December 28, 2008 at 11:17 am

    get wll soon ya…


  9. Posted by Priya on December 29, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    take care girl!

    p.s. – its “actually” called the “kissing disease”? 😛


  10. Take care and get well soon!! 🙂


  11. Um, ok… Why is it called Kissing Disease again?? 😀
    Or is it actually a medically recognized illness? 😀


  12. @Su

    hmm :mrgreen: 😆

    @Quality Tale
    thanks 🙂

    @ Vimmuuu
    Interesting 😀


    Its actually called infectious mononucleosis …n someone called it kissing disease :mrgreen:


    May be because it passes through kisses also 😉


  13. Which style?? 😛


  14. @ Amit
    French style :mrgreen:


  15. Posted by shaaakspsyco on January 6, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    O yeah! Kissing! Oh yea!


  16. have you got well? 🙂


  17. ummm..allu mosham ellaloo?


  18. seriously i am………………..


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