Reader’s block,writer’s block  and  a block for commenting are  few things that a good  blogger should nt have ..right?  OK now all these make me  a bad blogger these days 😀  

Writer’s block is clearly seen in my blog and I’m feeling it very badly writing this post … Backspace key has become my friend !

oldddPaulo’s Brida has been resting on my table for  the past 3 months  😀  ..i completed the first 100 pages within  4 days n then  … hmm 😦 

Now the 11 th standard books have been replaced with 12 th  but even then the Brida  is looking for me 😦 

I don’t know when i would  enjoy the pleasure  of turning the last page of this book 😉

And hope i don’t need to explain about my block in commenting 😀

 Today is the day of blocks for my home town ,  the place is flooded with people  for the Kodungallor Bharani maholsavam ..

The festival is a bit unique where the devotees come to the temple and pollute the place by hurling abuses and stones and filth at the shrine. 

This is not the festival for the people of Kodungallor and we prefer to stay indoors in fear of bharanipattu( Bawdy songs ) .I am really afraid of  these people who dress up  in their worst attires  and  walks with swords on these  roads 

Dont forget to !!!

Vote Earth by switching off the lights  for an hour and participate in  Earth Hour 🙂



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  1. and what is the history behind this tradition?


  2. all the blocks together !

    @ Reema

    there are some stories .. but a bit history that I know is this, temple was owned by budhist monks, and people wanted to get rid of them, so, they used abuse words, toddy, and then tradition of killing hen in front of the temple, and they won 😀


  3. Some things just swoosh past my head! 🙂


  4. @ REEMA :- check Dinus reply… 🙂

    @ DINU : – yeah all the together … btw u knw this much of history :O

    @AMIT :- hahaha 🙂


  5. hey look whoz back :)…


  6. so, when are you going to come back again? 😀


  7. Block the block not the blog. Blogging about the block will help unblocking the block.


  8. There was no power on Earth Hour day! 😀 😀
    And yeah, a block can be quite frustrating! 😀


  9. LOL…so thts how the “bharanippaattu” came into being! Interesting!


  10. I have written about this sometime back.


    About the blocks : Start with blogging, which u now did. Then with the book !


  11. […] There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he/she suffers from writer’s block like Rekha or becomes too busy to blog like Suda/Sakhi/Willow or finds it hard to keep up the regularity of […]


  12. Posted by Priya on April 21, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    that festival is scarryy!!
    do well in 12th =)
    it can get worse…beware!


  13. SO, you live in Kodungaloor! Well, no exclamations, I have only heard the name of Kudngaloor Bhagavati…
    SO, best of luck for 12th! 🙂


  14. Posted by mithun on June 23, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    even i heard about Kodungallor Bharani maholsavam but till now i didn’t get any chance to visit to dat festival, is it true that there is poora pattu on this particular occasion, even when i was in college guys use to sing that song… my god such a horrifying song i have never heard in my life…


  15. Posted by muraliduvvuri on July 20, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    More than 3 months?
    Now that´s a block!
    Waiting for you next post 🙂


  16. although whatever you guys say..
    but the costume of this festival are really Occam…


  17. what is this block word used for…


  18. Posted by smallstar on August 29, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    hello dear!!

    how are you??



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  20. Wow! this is something new to know. The photographs is amazing, makes me feel like oh! yes this is INDIA.


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  22. nice post…thanks al ot..


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  24. nice post! something new to know


  25. writers block can be transformed into poetry,,,,,simply write out the feeling that arises from a writers block………smile



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  27. in blocks too right now…wish you a speedy recovery


  28. Like everything, this too shall pass!

    looking forward to more posts! they are always interesting!


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  30. I did not understand this.Please explain.


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  32. Love the green color! Looks great!


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