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I miss the fire in my eyes

That brightened up my life in the dark

I miss the silence in me

That I held in my days when I was different

I miss the world 

I had seen through my eyes ,the real world

that gifted me no cheers but pain! 



Ok guys,now this poem  is to let you all know that I am alive 😀

I could  make out only a single post for the last month !! as the month was nt like anyother month…with a  great opening to the year with the final practical exams !! 

And then got into volunteering beacause of Mata Amritandamayi’s visit at Brahmasthanam temple in my town. 

And right after this  went for a two day trip to Wayand with my family

olddd-172That was one beautiful scene down the hill 

olddd-090  olddd-163Soochipara water falls ! 


At thirunelli Temple…the place is beautiful with coool breeze n fresh air

And then back to the school I was enlightened with the news of final exams of 11 th!! from 16 th Feb ( 2 days after V-day ! Sad 😦  

And with a dozen test papers n seminars !!!!!!

Ok ! now I have made one post for this romantic month 😀

Wishing you all a great Valentines Day filled with lots of surprises ! ( wish me good luck for exams back  :mrgreen:  


Story of a rose!

She woke up into one fine morning

The cool breeze dancing around

Stepped her out into her garden

Her eyes struck upon the loveliest rose,

she ever had in her garden

The pretty red rose gave her the sweetest smile

and a single thought that seems to hover in her world

Conquering her mind,actions,words,and everything 

A single thought that whispered her of only person


Ha! now that is a poem, oh no that was a short story I had scribbled months before without an end to the story  😀

Now I think it is better to it read out as a poem than a story  😛

what do you think..story or a poem ?

The Romantic Tag ;)

So here is RJ s tag, writing a ‘love poem ‘ n make it ultra cute or ultra stupidity or whatever u

wish!!! n i felt like this is the best day for me to do this tag ( not coz I found my love today 😛 ) . I woke up into a romantic morning, early in the morning I saw a rose smiling in my garden, it rarely blooms 😀 and then when I entered into my scrap book my friend had scrapped a beautiful song , that is a romantic song indeed ! . See the lyrics of the song (Malayalam)

Ethrayo janmamayi ninne njan thedunnu
Athramel ishtamayi ninneyen punyame
Doora theerangalum mooka tharagangalum

Kattodu megham melle cholli

Snehardrametho swakaryam
Mayunna sandhye ninne thedi
Eeran nilavin paragam
Ennennum nin madiyile paithalayai

Nee moolum pattile pranayamayi
Ninneyum kathu njan nilkkave..

(ethrayo janmamayi)

poovinte nenchil thennal neyyum

poornnenthu peyyum vasantham
meymasa ravil pookum mulle
nee thannu theera sugandham
ee manjum en mizhiyile maunavum
en maril nirayumee mohavum
nithyamam snehamayi thannu njan

(ethtayo janma )”

so let me say bye to this beautiful day with this lovely tag !!!!


As a ……….

As a dream he blooms within me

As a robe he covers me
As a moon he lights my nights
As a star he winks at me

As wind he glides through my world

As a dream he lives within me 😀

so now I tag vishesh he is pretty good at writing poems ,hope  he will do it in seconds !! 😀


If I know you

I keep knowing you only

If I see you

I keep staring at you only

If I talk to you

I keep talking to you only

If you smile

I keep smiling

If I love you

I keep loving U only


Being a liar

U make me go higher

With no sign of ugliness

A mere wink

Would have made me sink

In breathless holes

As a candle

U lived for me

As a mantle

U covered me

But no where in the glorious world

I thought of u

But everywhere in the lightless world

I search for u

I Wonder……

I wonder how the land of life

Will be across this shimmering bluePic by naveen

I wonder how the mysterious sun

Brighten the queen of mermaids

I wonder how the blossoms beneath

Beautify the pearls

I wonder how he sails

Across these five

I wonder, how the lullaby

Of the waves sleeps

The crawling babies

I wonder how she swallows

My words written on her face

Take me O Lord!!

Take me O Lord !!

High up into the heaven

or push me down into the hell

with Thy hands

Take me O Lord!

My works are all done

with what u might call


But what through my eyes

Look perfect

Take me O lord!

The pain is conquering

my body

N I’m dead

with thoughts

other than ‘pain’

Take me O lord!

the world is peeping

into my pain with sympathy

Take me O lord!

My nerves are cracking

My Breathe is counted

My eyes are covered with darkness

Take me……

So what made me write?

This is written in no fear of my exam results. 😛

Yesterday by 11:15 PM i turned off my computer n then i couldn’t turn my head to the right n when i tried , i could feel some kind of my pain with my nerves on the left of my fore head. And i felt like i m going to die ..thats what i think every time i get some kind of pain 😀

To whom should i go?… neurologist or ….. 😕

In search of my heart

Pain cracking my Brain
Brings in to me joy
That delight all
For they all love
My absence; being peaceful
I had never loved them
But time changed my heart
That never had changed
Now being a pest
I cry for my old heart
That never stood on glories
But there she cries
For this heart
That she always own
for no reason
But love
that was hidden between us

Tears for each drop

 This is a very special poem for me..I wrote this one early in the morning at 4 AM!!! ..on the day of my science examination n  one more reason ,I wrote this  being influenced by this incident 

It is raining for the past ten days
Making it worthless than hayrice.jpg
It rains in their hut
Tears for each nut
That they cared not for their might
But to live in this fight
No longer could I love
The rain as a my dove
Each drop turned to be their tear
When failure seems to be so near


Never hath my twinkling mate                             
made my eyes  leakybeing late

nor have their glory in night                               
darkened by the light
of human birds flight

Darkest are those nights
when the blanket of rain
drink the moonlight and winking
Birth till my death
they illuminate the zenith
after the death
will i shine
among the glitters of mine
in the heaven
on the silk to woven