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Story of a rose!

She woke up into one fine morning

The cool breeze dancing around

Stepped her out into her garden

Her eyes struck upon the loveliest rose,

she ever had in her garden

The pretty red rose gave her the sweetest smile

and a single thought that seems to hover in her world

Conquering her mind,actions,words,and everything 

A single thought that whispered her of only person


Ha! now that is a poem, oh no that was a short story I had scribbled months before without an end to the story  😀

Now I think it is better to it read out as a poem than a story  😛

what do you think..story or a poem ?


Get Set slap!!!!!

Have u slapped anybody?

Well I haven’t 😦 n I strongly feel like slapping somebody, im not pointing out anybody. I just want to know how good the feeling would be to strike someone with our outmost force. Nobody is gonna lend me their face for such a good thing n I don’t even dare to test my skills with my younger ones. I don’t either wish to get my life into danger 😀

But I think slapping someone is an easy thing for a girl right 😉 .and whom should start slapping with , the one who goes around me making some kinda noises what they call music or those who stare at me like that. 😛 .or those people who think gals are just instruments for guys to play with n ……..

May be to get people like me a little relief from these kinda temptation orkut has introduced the slapster application 😀

Well we all know how Bajji became the slapstar .And For the MTV roadies 5.0 finale the slap decided who the roadie is (I personally liked the shambavi -ashuthosh slap)

We see the same slap in all the movies and serials. What else is needed for a gal like me to start feeling like this? 😦

Can anybody out there help me plz 🙂

And for all those who showed the patience to read this ,Take this from me 😛

I Wonder……

I wonder how the land of life

Will be across this shimmering bluePic by naveen

I wonder how the mysterious sun

Brighten the queen of mermaids

I wonder how the blossoms beneath

Beautify the pearls

I wonder how he sails

Across these five

I wonder, how the lullaby

Of the waves sleeps

The crawling babies

I wonder how she swallows

My words written on her face


Someone commented that this poem conveys the other side of a coin, Hmm u better call me a dice, a coin has got only 2 sides    😛                 
For friends, I am indeed different for different friends, but something is there in common …???
 For my teachers’, obedient ,studious , a good girl ( self appreciation) but not punctual 😀               
For my cousins,  silent ,studious ,calm girl  🙂   
For my dear uncles and aunts, fearless, bold, studious but lazy ,disobedient girl
For a stranger, a horrible looking  girl                  
For you ,someone who can read and comment in your blog ist2_3028590_question_concepts1.jpg😉