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I miss the fire in my eyes

That brightened up my life in the dark

I miss the silence in me

That I held in my days when I was different

I miss the world 

I had seen through my eyes ,the real world

that gifted me no cheers but pain! 



Ok guys,now this poem  is to let you all know that I am alive 😀

I could  make out only a single post for the last month !! as the month was nt like anyother month…with a  great opening to the year with the final practical exams !! 

And then got into volunteering beacause of Mata Amritandamayi’s visit at Brahmasthanam temple in my town. 

And right after this  went for a two day trip to Wayand with my family

olddd-172That was one beautiful scene down the hill 

olddd-090  olddd-163Soochipara water falls ! 


At thirunelli Temple…the place is beautiful with coool breeze n fresh air

And then back to the school I was enlightened with the news of final exams of 11 th!! from 16 th Feb ( 2 days after V-day ! Sad 😦  

And with a dozen test papers n seminars !!!!!!

Ok ! now I have made one post for this romantic month 😀

Wishing you all a great Valentines Day filled with lots of surprises ! ( wish me good luck for exams back  :mrgreen:  



Phew! I passed the 10 Th Csbe exams with 88%, the result was announced on 27 Th evening by 4: 55 pm.i got lot more than I expected but still im greedy . I got the least in English, 80; that really made me feel bad, I had put in a lot of effort in that subject, but still im hanging with the same marks I used to get n then for maths 84 , well maths sucks but still I luv that subject .we got 6 mark in moderation for that , else ..Oh lord! 🙂

So howz my exams?

Seriously , I really enjoyed writing the exams , we had to travel almost hour an hour from our school to reach the centre, n journey with friends are the best indeed even it is for writing exams. and the centre no. was my phone number ..hehehe 😀 .And there was a showroom of hot hero Honda bikes very nearby the school. 😀

What next?

Every one who goes around me has the same question..What about future plans?. if future is planned ,will there be any fun..rite?:P

Out of the science / commerce option, I am interested only in science n then one more bio/computer? Taking computer means no interest in going for medicine n that is what I have ended up with. But….. 😕

How can I ignore my brother who always say he wanna a doc,sis n many out here who wish to see me as a doctor.

Well, I just cant even think of taking bio n maths ,my brain is nt that good to take care both along with all other crap n what if they make me do some kind of dissection ?..Hahahaha 😆