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Branded!!! oops !sorry 🙂 I mean tagged. RJ has tagged me to do the Brand tag 🙂 .This is really an interesting tagg .I am using the logos of different brands that i use in my day to day life 🙂

This is really an interesting tag n this month of July is supposed to be a tag season according to Xylene 😉

So i tag everyone in my blogroll to do this one 😀



Phew! I passed the 10 Th Csbe exams with 88%, the result was announced on 27 Th evening by 4: 55 pm.i got lot more than I expected but still im greedy . I got the least in English, 80; that really made me feel bad, I had put in a lot of effort in that subject, but still im hanging with the same marks I used to get n then for maths 84 , well maths sucks but still I luv that subject .we got 6 mark in moderation for that , else ..Oh lord! 🙂

So howz my exams?

Seriously , I really enjoyed writing the exams , we had to travel almost hour an hour from our school to reach the centre, n journey with friends are the best indeed even it is for writing exams. and the centre no. was my phone number ..hehehe 😀 .And there was a showroom of hot hero Honda bikes very nearby the school. 😀

What next?

Every one who goes around me has the same question..What about future plans?. if future is planned ,will there be any fun..rite?:P

Out of the science / commerce option, I am interested only in science n then one more bio/computer? Taking computer means no interest in going for medicine n that is what I have ended up with. But….. 😕

How can I ignore my brother who always say he wanna a doc,sis n many out here who wish to see me as a doctor.

Well, I just cant even think of taking bio n maths ,my brain is nt that good to take care both along with all other crap n what if they make me do some kind of dissection ?..Hahahaha 😆