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OOps ! Im lAte!

Ho yeah we all do fight with time when we are late n I began, this very day with a fight in the morning .Early in the morning (not really!) my ma woke me up and asked me to look at the clock ,she is so good 😀 that she did nt even say a word other than these .It was 7 :10, ok its Saturday no class 😀 , I remained inside my blanket hugging my pillow for 5 more minutes n by 7 :15 I regained my consciousness ,yeah I am having tuition at 7:15 !!!!! . Ho god! Maths tuition n the dirty trigonometric equations are cracking my brain ! n my father will crack my ears if I miss the class ! no way ! Splashed water on my face! Did something with my toothbrush :mrgreen: n jumped into my jeans ! Tied my untidy locks! Hmm im hungry now! 😥 Ma coffee !!!!!!!!!

Phew! I reached there by 7:30 … 😛 .