Finally my desert crossed 10,000 visits

So here goes another tag 😀

Tagged by Dinsan n Arvind months before, the very first tag I was supposed to do

Republishing my first post

I started my blog on March 25 of 2007, n the very first post contained nothing other than picture of a bird. :P. I have no idea why did I upload such a picture for the post, but now I see a very beautiful message within that picture. Guess what?

And Now Today 24 th of May, my desert which is always green crossed 10,000 hits 🙂

Top Post

Cry of a bird with 1,104 views

Most views from my orkut profile (155 views) :-O

Blog Stats

Total Views: 10,001

Best Day Ever: 107 — Friday, July 6, 2007

Posts: 71

Comments: 325

So thank you all….
and special Thanks to my buddy Dinsan for helping me start my blog , maintain my blog n for supporting me all the way .Thanks a ton!

Thank you all again 🙂

20 responses to this post.

  1. wow…cool acheivement,,..
    congos [:D]

    how u cross 1 lakh hits too 😛

    where is my other tag .. 😛


  2. congrats :)its funny but in my first blog over 11/2 years i had about 6000 but now in WP i already have more than that!

    btw got any topic? a few changes have been made to the theme and all check it out 😉


  3. @ arvind
    hmm thanks 🙂
    cool achievement that u made months before

    other tag..which tag n wen 😕
    im fed up with this taggs

    n if it is ur tag thn ..go behind… 😛

    @ vishesh
    Thanks 🙂
    yeah dude..have got one 🙂


  4. lol thats good btw for coelho check this our…a couple of books have been made free 🙂


  5. hey! congrats….. Keep rocking… 🙂


  6. Alli, Congrats. 🙂
    What else I can say here? ummmm kthanksbye 😀


  7. Posted by artisticked on May 26, 2008 at 10:27 am



  8. Hey

    Congrats Dear 🙂


  9. @ vishesh
    Thanks 🙂

    @ teky

    @ suda
    k thanks hiiii 😛

    Thank you 🙂

    @ Dinsan


  10. Congratulations!!!

    Keep blogging. 😀


  11. Congrats da!! 10,000 hits! wow…
    I am catching up soon! 😀


  12. Ohh yeah, how can I say bye, I am glued to the our cool virtual world until I have friends like you.


  13. Why my comments are always through moderation queue? or its normal for all visitors here? :-((


  14. @ Amit
    Thank you :0

    @ Nikhil
    looks like u will make 1 lakh hits very soon 🙂

    @ Suda
    may be because wordpress likes u so much that u get into the queue always 😦


  15. my goodness looks like all u do is tagging


  16. nice accomplishment!!!!
    keep going!!
    three cheers for ya 😀


  17. btw!!
    how do i get tagged by others??? 😕


  18. Posted by Priya on May 28, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Congratulations !! Thats cool !!

    And so many tags !! Whoaa…

    That ‘lil bird is choo sweet !! 🙂


  19. Good going .. nice achievement

    nice first post too 🙂


  20. @ ankur
    YEah…what if everyone around tag me 😦

    @ yojitha
    thanks 🙂
    see now u have been tagged for my previous post 😀

    @ priya
    Thank u 🙂

    thank u..nice first post 😀


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